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Ridiculously easy & delicious (& gluten-free) pancakes!

These pancakes are sooooOOO good and you would never know they are gluten free! Lovely and light and thin - make a great dessert or breakfast treat! I've adapted a recipe for normal pancakes to make them gluten free. And even if you can eat gluten, sometimes I think it's good to give the body a break from it! 

Serves 4

What you need:

125g of gluten-free flour - I use Doves farm (available from any supermarket)

250ml milk

1 egg

knob of coconut butter to fry them (I find it burns/sticks less)

What to do:

Bung all the ingredients (flour, milk & egg) together and mix well!

Melt a knob of coconut butter (or normal butter) in a pan, add a ladle of pancake mixture and swish around the pan making sure the pancake is nice and thin and cook until a little brown then turn over and cook the other side.

And that is it! Serve with whatever you fancy, I love summer fruits, greek yoghurt and maple syrup but the kids love nutella (obviously!) and lemon and sugar... enjoy!

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