Hi there, thanks for visiting my site. Just to let you know that you can place orders as usual, but due to the virus situation please allow up to three weeks for them to arrive. Please only contact me after this time frame if your parcel still hasn't arrived. Please also note that I will getting more joggers in 3-4 weeks. I am not able to take pre-orders for them or keep any aside, sorry. I will post on Instagram to let you know when they are in again. Hope you are well and keeping safe. Thanks! Lucy x

Best two things I've bought since lock down...

.... a paddling pool and a lilo to go on in it! So the novelty of lockdown wore off quite quickly for the kids, and I racked my brains to think of something that might keep them entertained after home schooling and at weekends. We have had various inflatable padding pools in the past which the kids have loved, but they have never lasted a few days before getting a puncture! So I decided to splash out a bit more and buy a more substantial, and crucially, non-inflatable one! This is the one we went for and so far it's been fab! My 10 year old son put it up so it can't have been that difficult, and week 3 of having it and it's still standing! The key to them using it every day and loving it so much however, I think was the addition of a lilo. This adds a whole new dimension, and if it's not hot then they just cruise around on the lilo on their clothes... they have literally used, and loved it every day! The only draw back to the pool is that there isn't a plug in the base, its on the side and so if you don't buy a filter pump then you have to scoop out a fair bit of water each time, so we did end up buying a pump for it too. My husband and I have both been on the lilo a fair bit and loved it too! Highly recommend. Lucy x

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