Stacey Dooley did such an important documentary on the BBC the other day about the shocking environmental impacts of the fashion industry, which I know lots of people are talking about, and taking action on. 

It was largely about the impacts of large clothing chains with factories in far flung corners of the world that are not adhering to regulations and just pumping out toxic waste into the local environment, affecting the health and general quality of life of people around them.

So I thought it would be good to have a page on my site about my products and how they are made. All my clothing is made in factories with the strictest rules and regulations when it comes to ethics and the environment. Everything I print on is either FAIRWEAR or WRAP certified. This means: 

  • No use of child labour
  • No use of forced labour
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Legal labour contracts
  • Environmentally friendly

The main company I source my 95% of my products from realises that 'garment manufacturing is one of the most environmentally damaging and harmful industrial sectors on the planet, and takes decisive and often pioneering steps towards addressing the many negative impacts'. Starting with the sourcing of raw materials, the Company ensures 'full traceability of all fibres'. It has been a vivid supporter of many high profile campaigns, including the Clean Cotton Campaign, Pick Your Cotton Carefully, and has been working with the Environmental Justice Foundation and the Pesticide Action Network for many years. It is also an active contributor to the International Working Group on the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The Company is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard and the Global Recycle Standard.


All garments are printed in the UK under strict regulations, and the ink is health safe and phthalate free. If you want the most environmentally friendly ink then go for the water based ink printed products, contact me if you want to know which ones these are. 


I used to receive all my tops from my printing company nicely folded in a plastic packet. This made them look very nice and was also very convenient for me! I'd then put the plastic packet inside another plastic packet for sending... again, very convenient! But all that plastic didn't sit well with me. So now I receive all my tops in cardboard boxes, fold them all myself, wrap them in acid-free tissue paper, send them out in paper packets (wherever possible), and print on recycled paper. Some of my joggers may arrive in plastic, I have had a word with the manufacturers about this and they are looking into alternatives. The plastic is however recyclable.  

The BBC programme also stated how much water cotton production needs, which I was surprised and shocked at, and I will definitely be thinking twice about buying new clothes in the future, and only buying them if I can think of at least 3 outfits I will wear them with, and advise all my customers to do the same! : 0 )
If you would like any more information, please contact me:
Lucy x