How to make cooking easier... and more exciting again!

Like everyone else I have a busy & hectic life and cooking an evening meal is usually the last thing I want to have to do at the end of a day!! And I got in a rut of cooking the same old things, every week, which was uninspiring and boring! I was talking to a lovely friend and she told me about The Mindful Chef. I was a bit skeptical at first about how it would work, and whether the recipes would be stupidly complicated and require lots of time and effort (which I don't have!) -- but I was so nicely surprised! They don't take long at all, and don't require too much concentration as everything is all there in front of you, all weighed out! They also taste really delicious and are really healthy too! If you mention my name when placing your first order then you will get £20 off! Lucy xx

ps none of my posts are sponsored in anyway 

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